Skippys Pizza
Meaty Pizzas    
Ultimate Hawaiian    
Pork Bacon, Pork Sausage, Pulled Pork and Pineapple
RM 35,90 RM 28,90
Skippys Loaded    
Pork Bacon, Pork Ham, Pork Pepperoni, Sausage, Anchovies, Olives,Onion,    
Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and Pineapple RM 34,90 RM 28,90
Skippys Pulled Pork    
Pork Bacon, Pork Sausage and Pulled Pork RM 34,90 RM 28,90
Meat Lovers    
Pork Bacon, Pork Ham, Pork Pepperoni, Minced Pork and BBQ sauce RM 34,00 RM 26,00
Fay's Special    
Pork Ham, Minced Pork, Mushrooms and Pineapples
RM 34,00 RM 26,00
Lamb Pizza    
Minced Lamb, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Olives and Onion RM 33,90 RM 27,90
Marc's Special    
Pork Ham, Baby Spinach, Mushrooms, Garlic and Egg
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Pork Ham and Pineapples RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Chinese Sausages and Chilli
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Hang Over    
Pork Bacon, Chilli and Egg
RM32,00 RM 28,00
English Breakfast
Pork Bacon and Egg RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Ham or Pepperoni
Pork Ham or Pork Pepperoni RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Pork Varuvel
Pork Varevul (Indian Curry)
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Spicy Pork    
Spicy Pork, Mushroom, Pineapples RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Spicy Chicken    
Spicy Chicken Fillet, Mushroom, Pineapples RM32,00 RM 26,00
Ultimate Hawaian    
Pulled Pork, Pork Bacon Sausage, Onion and Pineapples RM35,90 RM 26,90
Porky Sunshine    
Pork Bacon and Pineapples RM32,00 RM 26,00
Pork Rib Pizza    
Pork Rib, Mushrooms and Bell Pepper RM35,90 RM 28,90
Meaty Corner
Iberico Ribs
with French Fries RM 45,00
Pork Chop
with Salad and French Fries RM 25,00
Lamb Chop
with Salad and French Fries RM 30,00
Burger with Fries
Skippys Glutton Pork Burger with fries
with Bacon, Egg and Mushroom RM 26,90
Double Pork Burger with fries RM 26,50
Beef Burger with fries (double 29.90) RM 20,90
Lamb Burger with fries (double 29.90) RM 20,90
Spicy Tuna Burger with fries RM 21,50
Hawaiian Pork Burger with fries RM 18,50
Pork Burger with fries RM 17,50
Pulled Pork Burger with Coleslaw and fries RM 17,50
VegetarianBurger with fries RM 16,90
Extra Toppings RM 2,00
Vegetarian Pizzas    
RM 30,00 RM 24,00
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Sun-Dried Tomatoes RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and Olives
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Marc's Special Vegetarian    
Spinach, Button Mushrooms, Garlic, Onions and Egg
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Button Mushrooms
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Tropical Vegetarian    
Button Mushrooms, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Onion and Pineapples
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Classic Basil Pesto and Button Mushrooms
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Bar Snacks  
Pork Ribs in 7 Sauces RM 26,90
SpicyPork Ribs RM 26,90
German Curry sausage with salad and fries RM 25,00
Bacon Wrapped Sausage RM 25,00
Chilli Cheese Fries RM 20,00
Cheesy Fries RM 20,00
Crispy Fried Pork RM 16,90
Pork Varuvel RM 16,90
Wildboar Varuvel RM 16,90
Chicken Wings Fried / 7 Sauces / Spicy RM 16,90
Cheesy Meatballs RM 16,90
Seafood Pizzas    
Seafood Lovers    
Tuna and Crab Meat (extra Anchovies RM 3,00 RM 2,00)
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Spicy Tuna    
Tuna and Chilli RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Anchovy Pizza    
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Tuna Pesto    
Clasice Pesto, Tuna Olives and Mushrooms
RM 32,00 RM 26,00
Meatballs with Cheezy Sauce (Lamb/Beef +RM2) RM 24,90
Chilli Mussels RM 25,90
Cheesy Meatballs with Tomato Based Sauce RM 20,90
Pork Varuvel RM 17,90
Carbonara RM 18,90
Pork Lasagna RM 22,00
Tuna with Mushrooms and Olives RM 17,90
Spaghetthi Bolognese (Spicy/Non-Spicy) RM 17,90
Pesto with Bacon/Crispy Fried Pork RM 18,90
Aglio Olio with Bacon (Spicy/Non-Spicy) RM 17,90
Chilli or Creamy Mussels RM 35,00
* Chilli Mussels go well with Garlic/Cheese Buns RM 10,00
Creamy Potato RM 12,00
Mushroom RM 12,00
Side Orders  
Garlic Cheese Pizza Bread RM 12,00
Garlic Cheese Buns RM 10,00
Cheese Buns RM 10,00
Garlic Buns RM 10,00
French Fries RM 8,00
Chi Yuk Fun RM 13,90
(Yee Mee or Mee Hoon)  
Please ask for our Salads and Drinks  

Delivery Areas

Zone 1
Bandar Utama, TTDI, Tropicana, Damansara Perdana, SS1-26,Mutiara Damansara, Mount Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar Baru, PJ section 1-22, Damansara Heights, Kelana Jaya, Kota Damansara

Delivery Fee RM6,00 (+Rm 4,00 for cod) for Zone 1, for deliveries outside the above Delivery Zone, please call 019 250 9347.

Minimum order RM 30,00

Skippys Pizza is a Real Pork pizza company.Which makes us obviously a NON HALAL Business. We are specialized in Pork and vegetarian Pizzas. If you have any special request, just let us know in advance and we will make sure that you get your special Pizza
Our Pizza Dough and Sauce are HOME MADE. We are only using QUALITY ingredients, our dough is made with  olive oil, our Garlic and Chili oil are made with sunflower oil.
Servie charge is applicable for dine in
All prices are FOR DELIVERY ONLY and subject to change without prior notice